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The Tree  |  2022, wool, and wood, 67 x 27 x 11 inches

Tree and Cloud, 2021.jpg

The Tree is a visual narrative designed to evoke nostalgia by exploring the intricate interplay between light, time, color, and memory. Drawing inspiration from the illustrations of trees in the Shahnama, I have deconstructed these traditional forms using a modernist grid. This process transforms their elements into geometric shapes, allowing me to convey landscapes through storytelling in a fresh, abstract manner.

By distilling landscapes into geometric shapes, I strip away extraneous details, capturing the essence of memory and emotion. These shapes act as metaphors for fragments of memory, each piece contributing to a larger narrative that reflects both collective and personal experiences of time and place. This project aims to create a dialogue between the past and present, bridging traditional forms with contemporary interpretations.

Tree and Cloud, 2021_edited.png
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