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The Bay  |  2023, Cashmere, merino, baby alpaca, felt, and purple heart wood on canvas mesh, 33 x 27 inches

The Bay.jpg

The Bay is a sculptural painting that blends digital and analog and is a metaphor for how memories are processed and reconstructed over time. I bridge traditional fiber arts with contemporary digital aesthetics by juxtaposing digital and analog perspectives. The analog methods of needlepoint and textile creation, contrasted with the digital perspective, introduce a modern lens characterized by pixelation and abstraction, where landscapes and memories are fragmented and reassembled. Through my tapestries, I imagine alternative ways of situating marginalized bodies and queered perspectives within shifting landscapes while also depicting the fragmentation of memory when the places where one has formed their core identity, their "homeland" (literal or metaphorical), become inaccessible. 

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