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My Heron  |  2024, wood, wool and powder coated steel, 47 x 15.5 x 7  inches


My Heron is a project that embodies my journey through grief, using tangible objects to explore themes of fluidity, different perspectives, and flexibility in shaping our identities. Inspired by the Spouted Jar from Iron Age Persia, traditionally used in burial ceremonies, and the Great Blue Heron from a local colony, this work creates a meaningful link between cultural heritage and contemporary experience.

By juxtaposing an ancient Persian artifact with a symbol from my current environment, I draw parallels between the heron's resilience in adversity and the human experience of navigating emotional discomfort. This connection fosters a dialogue between the past and present, enhancing a sense of belonging and freedom.


The project also reflects my personal narrative of migration. Leaving my homeland in search of freedom, only to encounter new forms of discrimination, resonates with the Great Blue Heron's strategy of nesting within the territory of eagles to safeguard against other predators. This metaphor highlights the complexities of seeking sanctuary and protection in an often hostile world.

My Heron invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of heritage and identity, illustrating how past and present converge to shape our experiences and perceptions. Through this exploration, the project aims to foster understanding and empathy, emphasizing the universal themes of resilience and adaptation

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