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Citron Yellow  |  2023, wool, silk and cotton on canvas mesh, 36 x 29 inches

Citron Yellow.jpg

In Citron Yellow, I employ a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines to create pixelated imagery, allowing me to explore the concept of home as fragile, inconsistent, and perspectival. Inspired by the landscape of Pilgrim Haven, Michigan, I utilized a monochromatic color palette for the yarns to examine how colors interact and shift in different contexts, mirroring the way our perspectives change. By painting the canvas mesh background in a complementary shade, I manipulate how we perceive color. For instance, the dark green of tree trunks in "Citron Yellow" appears brown against the blue background, a phenomenon I observed in a photograph I took while hiking by the beach, captivated by the blue sky peeking through the trees.


My focus is less on accurately depicting nature and more on transforming it through color, materials, and composition. This approach allows me to delve into the interplay between landscape and memory, revealing the ways in which our environments and perceptions are constantly in flux.

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