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Between Land and Sky  |  Azadeh Gholizadeh, Luis Romero, and Su Shin at  Everybody Gallery

Between imagined places and physical locations, between ordinary and non-ordinary realities, space turns inside out. Figure and background intertwine. Marks blend with the surface to create systems and obscure languages. Negative space takes charge. Fragments replace the whole. Chance is the compass on these maps, and longing for the ground is the scale. How do bodies live in such conditions, where space expands and contracts? How does one know in these uncertain fields? Upside down, inside out, this or that: none defines this uneasy relationship with the ground. In these lands, the very notion of landscape is questioned. The horizon is removed, and time moves in a cyclical manner. Space does not flow forward, it moves up and down,

between land and sky.

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